Northern Ireland Newspapers
Major Newspapers of Northern Ireland

Regional and Local Newspapers of Northern Ireland

Ballyclare Gazette
Ballymena Times
Ballymoney and Moyle Times
Belfast Daily
Belfast Media
Belfast Telegraph
Carrickfergus Advertiser
Carrick Gazette
East Belfast Herald
Farming Life
Irish News
La Nua
Larne Times
News Letter
Ulster Star

Lurgan Mail
Newry Democrat
Newry Reporter
Portadown Times
The County Down Outlook
Ulster Gazette

Banbridge Leader
County Down Spectator
Down Democrat
Dromore Leader
Mourne Observer
Fermanagh Herald
Impartial Reporter

Coleraine Times
Derry Journal
Londonderry Sentinel

Mid Ulster Mail
Strabane Chronicle
Strabane Weekly News
Tyrone Constitution
Tyrone Courier
Tyrone Times
Ulster Herald
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