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British Newspapers :- In the morning, we all need one thing with our tea cups, and it is Newspaper, many of us need more than one on our breakfast table. Reading Newspaper in the morning has become a routine, a good habit that benefits us many ways. Although we are living in an era of Internet and apps, all day we keep connected with the world by our smartphone and PC’s, in minutes we got the news as it breaks.

But, the printed version and organized format of News still attracts us, we still feel the great need of it. The in depth articles on current affairs, Editorials, Local News with pictures, has its own appeal.

There are many national and thousands of regional newspapers in Britain. The Cities and Towns of United Kingdom have at least one its own local newspaper which covers Local News, crime updates, activities, Local authority’s announcements etc.

These local newspapers are quite famous in their city and town but not known nationally.  The typical example of Local British Newspaper is Evening Post in Bristol city and The Echo in Cardiff.

If you are an avid and keen reader we will tell you about a useful tool, by which you will get a visual directory of National and Local British Newspapers, The Icons of British Newspapers are arranged and organized in one page for your easy and quick reading.

Types of British Newspapers

Well there are several categories when we try to define types of Newspapers in UK. National Daily Newspapers, National Sunday Newspapers, Broadsheet Newspapers, Tabloids & Local Newspapers.

If we separate Newspapers according to their content, we can say there are two major categories we can put all the Newspapers of United Kingdom.

1. Quality Press: These are serious Newspapers filled with more intellectual in depth news and analysis & articles, often referred as “The Quality Press of UK”. Sometime also quoted as Broadsheets because of their large full size. They covers and emphasis more on political news and world news and stories.

2. The Popular Press: On the other side, we have Tabloids, small in size, focused on Celebrities and gossips, they contain common interest news and majorly publish sensational and scandalous news stories. “The Sun” & “The Mirror” are good example of popular press. see British Tabloids

Websites of British Newspapers

Almost all of them have their own websites which can be used freely and you can read News, Editorials and articles without paying or loging in but there are also some UK Newspapers which requires payments and subscription fees for accessing their websites, The Times and The Sunday Times falls in that category. The good thing is that you can pay per day or per month basis as per your requirement. Some Newspapers provides limited access to non subscriber users such as The Financial Times and Business Daily.

Easily and Quickly Read British Newspapers

All British Newspapers
All British Newspapers

So, here is a useful website for your help,, using this you can easily and quickly read almost all the British Newspapers because it is a visual directory of Newspapers, the Icons and Logos of Newspapers are arranged and organized in one page with their website links. Link Newspapers in UK

You can click on the map of UK and it will take you to the collection of the Local Newspapers of that area.

British Newspapers Map
British Newspapers Map

There is also a “Local Search Box”, you can search previously published news and articles in the local newspapers. So if you want to find something in a specific area you can take help of this tool.

List of National British Newspapers

This is a short list of British Newspapers

The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, The Observer, I, Evening Standard, The Independent.

List of Tabloid British Newspapers

These are top tabloids of Uk

Daily Mail, Daily Express, Metro, Sunday People, Daily Record, The Mail, The Sun, Daily Star Sunday, Morning Star, Daily Mirror, Daily Star.

Top Regional British Newspapers

There are thousands local and regional newspapers in UK, some major are..

Yorkshire Post, Hull Daily Mail, Yorkshire Evening Post, The Sentinel (Staffordshire), Southern Daily Echo (Southampton), Echo (Southend), Manchester Evening News, The Star (Sheffield), Leicester Mercury, The Herald (Plymouth), Express & Star (Wolverhampton), Evening Gazette (Teesside), Liverpool Echo, Coventry Telegraph, Bristol Evening Post, Bolton News, Birmingham Mail, The Press (York), Nottingham Post, Sunderland Echo, The News (Portsmouth), Derby Telegraph, The Argus (Brighton), Bournemouth Daily Echo, St Helens Reporter, Evening Standard (London), Shropshire Star, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Telegraph & Argus (Bradford),Lancashire Evening Post

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