Australian TV Channels




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List of Australian TV Channels

Click on logo and link to watch your favorite Australian TV Channel online.

News and General TV

Live    -   Videos

Live  -   Videos




Entertainment & Music TV


Sports Community Parliament Shopping

Live  -    Videos

Religious TV

List of Australian TV Channels

Here is a quick list of Australian Tv Channels, Some tv channels are live, while some channels provides recorded videos of their programs such as 7 News and 9 News. You can watch all these channels online easily by clicking on their respective logos and links. Enjoy watching Australian TV Channels online.

  1. News and General TV
    • A-PAC
    • ABC
    • SBS
    • 7 News
    • 9 News
  2. Entertainment & Music TV

    • BigPond Movies
    • BPM
    • INTV Australia
    • Sky Racing
  3. Sports

    • Sports Fan TV
  4. Community TV
    • 31 Digital
  5. Parliament

    • Parliament TV Australia
  6. Shopping

    • TVSN
    • Expo Channel
  7. Religious TV

    • ACCTV
    • God TV Australia
    • Angel TV Australia




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